Emily Daniels

Emily Daniels is a 27-year-old Nashville native, a “unicorn” if you will. She grew up singing country songs and avoiding her PE class “road runners” by accidentally forgetting her tennis shoes at home most of her high school career.


These days you can find Emily bopping around town in Wanda the Honda, probably braking at the last second, causing extreme bouts of anxiety for whoever happens to be the lucky passenger. 


She writes songs, sings them on stage, and bakes too much banana bread. If you see her out, go give her a hug (she’s VERY into hugs). She’s loved by all who are lucky enough to know her, and she can’t wait to get to know you!

Kelly Seidel

Kelly Seidel is a 29-year-old straight outta North Carolina. As a child she cried when she got too excited or too sad or for really any other reason. So that was probably annoying for her family. 


Much to her parents’ dismay halfway through college she decided she wanted to move to Nashville to write songs. Luckily she got pretty good at it, so after seven years of living in Nashville, her parents are now ok with it. 


She writes songs with and for other artists, drinks way too much Diet Coke, and if there’s a dog within a mile she’ll let you know (kind of like a sixth sense). She’s not as into hugs, but she definitely wants to meet you and make you laugh!